Venue Creation and Preparation


In light of the fact that no venues currently exist in the size and number of events involved, major attention will need to be put towards the creation of these venues. For the larger events, 500+ acres will be needed, and infrastructure must be installed. In this case, we are looking at the population of a small city (at best 1,000,000 people).


The venues created will not be one-offs, but will be designed to remain in place for the use of the communities/tribes residing on the land. In America, this would be the First Nation tribes that work with the Festival. The venues could be used in full or in part for other events, as well as demonstrating some of the Earth/People friendly technologies and other products that are presented in the theme areas, all created to operate fully after the end of the events.


The first consideration is energy. We are in contact with one organization, among others, that has created a magnetic energy generation system that can power small towns, and large cities, without being connected to the outside grid. This technology is being demonstrated now, and when available, we intend to install the units to completely power the events, and then leave them in place when the events conclude. This will power any other events the tribes wish to conduct in the venue. And in this sense, since all local tribes (or communities) are all part of the one global Human Tribe.


Theme areas are part of our plan, and we intend to create Theme Areas that demonstrate various things that are being developed, or in some cases, returned to (i.e. sustainability and self-sufficiency (an organic farm operating year-round, aquaculture/hydroponics providing food, and many other “land skills” that have only been maintained by the indigenous tribes, but that can help the People become self-sufficient and yet inter-dependent), energy generation, Spiritual/life improvement and growth. Some areas will be cultural areas, amusement areas, but in one way or another, all cultures will be represented.


Another area may be devoted to art, with the representation of all the nations involved globally, with submissions from everywhere; basically, a museum.


A venue-wide water and sewage system will need to be installed, as well as street/avenue lighting systems.


In essence, it will entail basically creating a new city.

 Proposed scalable venue site plan


The original setup is to have a very large “Main Performance area,’ surrounded by a ring of vendors that could be two or three streets deep. The Theme areas will surround the vendors, surrounded by camping areas, with all parking placed around the outer perimeter, (thus limiting vehicle traffic to event-related vehicles only, including shuttles for the people).


It is our intention to leave the land in better shape than we found it, and for our improvements to benefit the tribes or communities, (with the realization that all communities are basically smaller tribes of the "Human Tribe.”