Global Supporters


Our thanks go out to those who are supporting our project.


Det David Love

Det David Love is a world traveler and international adventurer. He is a Rosicrucian, Spiritualist, career private Investigator, published author, talk radio show host, registered minister, pre-marital counselor, board certified hypnotist, advanced past-life regressionist therapist, and Reiki healer.

Dr Lana Love

Dr Lana Love is an Australian medical doctor and psychotherapist. She has worked in public hospitals and private practice helping people recover from debilitating mental ilnesses and serious emotional issues for more than sixteen years.  Dr Lana has strong interest in Buddhism and mysticism. She is also a social activist and animal rights advocate.

Freedom Talk Radio Scotland

Our friend Andy Peacher, from Freedom Talk Radio Scotland has already picked up the ball to help make our project real there. Thank you, Brother, and all those working with you.

More to come soon