Global Freedom Fest

Important Questions With Simple Answers


What is the Global Freedom Fest?


The Global Freedom Fest is a world-wide celebration of the inherent, unalienable freedom given to every Man, Woman, and Child on the planet at birth by their Creator.


What does it plan to accomplish?


The concept is to gather people of all races, colors, creeds, religious beliefs, and all other forms of distinction together for a week to celebrate their mutual Humanity and freedom, in a safe, fun, and healthy environment.

What resources are required?


·       Locations - The major resource needed is land. The land must be fairly level, with access to water, and viable access roads in and out. The land must have a large open area that is relatively flat, in order to accommodate the event area.

·       People – For each event site, there must be sufficient numbers of people to implement the event, all the way from the Event Manager to the Groundskeepers. These people will be locals for each event, as much as possible.

·       Service Providers – This covers many areas such as Vendors, staging, sound, and lighting companies, private construction Contractors. Also, carpenters, plumbers, caterers, security services, and many other skilled people. As much as possible, these will be local providers with respect to each event.


What resources are available?


·       Resource availability is dependent on each event location. If a resource is lacking, all possible efforts will be made to acquire necessary resources from sources that are relatively close and most cost-effective.


What resources are desired?


·       The size and success of any event location is dependent on what resources the area hosting the event is willing to contribute, whether through locally oriented crowd funding, private donations, ticket pre-sales, and other non-monetary donations. Some resources will be provided by the Global Freedom Fest association and funded through the Global Freedom Trust.

What happens if the event is canceled?


·       The Global Freedom Fest will make every effort to assure that events will happen as planned.

·       The only reasons for cancellation would be “Acts of God”, (i.e., floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.), and unlawful acts of government interloping/intervention.

·       The Trust Executors will make every effort to either change the lawful environment, or post-pone the event, rather than cancel.


What can I do to become involved as an ally?


·       A Global Freedom Fest Ally is any group, organization, coalition, or other non-corporate entity working for the benefit of the people and planet, that actively promotes, funds, and/or participates in the creation and presentation of the Global Freedom Fest.


Who cannot become an “ally?”


·       Those who have no concern for the well-being of all people and the planet.

·       Incorporated entities, their agents and agencies, including corporate governments.


What is meant by “the event of a lifetime?”


·       The Global Freedom Fest marks the first and foremost global event of the 21st century. It is open to participation by all people who wish to gather, share and enjoy their life and shared Humanity as one species, one race, one tribe.

·       This is an historical event, when people of all races, ethnicities, religions, or whatever perceived differences they think they may have, put them aside and celebrate their Freedom to believe what they choose, and live as they choose, but can still come together with the rest of the world to celebrate their freedom to be and live as they choose and still co-exist with others who believe differently.

What if I can't afford to “pre-pay” for the event?


·       Ticket sales will also be handled at the gate

·       If it turns out that one cannot afford to attend due to a lack of funds, there will be volunteer opportunities to attend, by contributing two hours per day to helping out at the festival. These range from helping to maintain the event site to helping with manual labor if capable. In return, volunteers will be provided with entrance, three meals per day worked, and a camping location.


Why is it being done?


·       The original concept came about after a life-threatening illness, and near-death experience happened to the founder and creator of the concept. Being spared, there was a feeling that there was a purpose behind his survival. It was suggested by our co-founder that he follow his passion for and life-long involvement in entertainment.  An idea was sparked that the best way to bring people together is through fun and entertainment. Why not have a world-wide party. This is the motivation and basis for the Global Freedom Fest.


Why become involved?


·       Each and every person on Earth has a reason for being here, and knowledge, skill, passion, and other qualities that can be used to benefit the world and its population. You may think you have nothing to contribute, but you all have the ability to make even small contributions. There will be a veritable plethora of tasks to be done and skills needed.

Why “pre-pay” for a future event if not involved?


·       All funds received are immediately transferred to the Global Freedom Trust; the fiduciary agent for all Festival business and beneficiary operations.

·       The Trust funds received by pre-paying are used to organize and secure the venue, vendors, services, etc. you are helping to build the event.

Why “crowd-sourcing?”


·       Funds must be gathered in advance to begin the implementation of the events.

·       The funding of the events is handled by the Global Freedom Trust, which is a public Trust, funded by the people, and with the people as beneficiaries.

·       By using area targeted crowd-funding/sourcing campaigns, we can determine how big a particular event can be, and how many people will potentially attend. The larger the amount of funds raised in each area, the larger the sum we can dedicate to putting on that area’s event through the Trust.


Why NO “investors?”


·       Investors invest for some very simple reasons:

1.     A return on their investment with profit from interest on their investments

2.     Superior control of the business.

3.     Ownership of the intellectual property rights.


      The rights and business operations belong to the Global Freedom Fest, under the control, both in business practices and financially of the Global Freedom Trust. All intellectual property rights regarding the event belong to the beneficiaries of the Trust.


·       All Artistic rights belong to the performers and all other artists. Performers will sign an agreement allowing Global Freedom Fest rights to reproduce their performances on compilations, books, and other items of memorabilia regarding the fest, with all profits from these sales going to The Trust, and then passed on to the beneficiaries.

·       Presenter’s rights belong to those presenting new technology.

·       We take no control of their work other than ideas, practices, and documentation of the events.

Why NO “incorporated” companies being involved?


·       All governments and corporations are fictitious, and cannot deal with real people without their consent.

·       All corporations are bound by Maritime, Admiralty, Canon, Mosaic, Roman Curia, and UCC laws. These fictions are bound by legal rules, which do not apply to living beings.

1.     Merriam-Webster: Legal – (b) having a formal status derived from law often without a basis in actual fact :  titular <a corporation is a legal but not a real person> (color of law – having the appearance of law, but not being actual law – author)

·       The Global Freedom Fest and Global Freedom Trust are operated under the “Law of the Land,” otherwise known as “Common Law,” and “Natural Law.”

·       Donations are gratefully and gracefully accepted.


Why was an event canceled?


·       Even with major backing and solid guarantees, things happen.

·       In some countries we may run into conflict with the corporate governments that run them. They are not at all happy about their people finding out they are free and possibly seeking change.

·       The other main reason an event would be cancelled or postponed would be uncontrollable “Acts of God.” We at Global Freedom Fest do not possess the technology to control weather and guarantee there will be no natural disasters.


Who's acting on it?


·       People coming together from all over the planet to make a difference.

Who benefits from this event?


·       Everyone… the people of Earth.

Who chooses the “talent?”


·       An Artist Relations/Management division will be set up to accept submissions from all “talent.” This is not just limited to musicians, but also painters, poets, dancers; basically all forms of art.

·       The talent will be chosen based on positive energy, solution orientation, and content.

·       Entries will be placed on the website with polling options. Those garnering the most support will be added to the talent roster and scheduled for performance or display.

Who are “the talent?”


·       The “talent” is comprised of those who participate in a demonstrative way, including but not limited to Musicians, Dancers, Painters, Actors, Inventors, Speakers on subjects that benefit others, and all manners of active performers.

Who chooses the “service providers?”


·       Service providers are selected on a bid basis from non-incorporated companies/organizations.

·       Service providers will be sought in each area where there will be an event.

·       Service providers must sign a contract with the Trust, and operate in manners consistent with our Eart and People friendly basis.


Who are the “service providers?”


·       Service providers are those that bring specialized skills and equipment to the table, i.e., staging, sound, plumbers, carpenters, grounds keepers, architects, technical services such as video companies, internet experts, etc. Of course, this is only a partial list.


Who are the “Grantors” of the “public Global Freedom Trust”


·       The ‘Grantors” of the Global Freedom Trust are the people of the Earth, and it is they who fund the Trust.


Who are the “Executors” of the public Global Freedom Trust?


·       The Executors of the Trust are the Directors of the various major areas of responsibility, for instance, the Global Business Director, the Global Marketing Director, Global Production Director, The Global Venue Coordinator, etc. These are the people who take on the major responsibility for a certain focused area of the events on a global basis, and are tasked with ensuring that the Trust assets and funds are utilized correctly, openly, and lawfully.

·       The Executors run the Trust to benefit the Trust and its beneficiaries, and work to implement the global events.


Who are the “Trustees” of the public Global Freedom Trust?


·       There will be only one “Trustee,” who will serve as the Chairman of the Board of Executors in a silent, non-voting capacity except when the Board has a tie vote, and the Prime Trustee will have oversight over all phases of the pre through post event dealings through the Trust, and will be in charge of making sure that all functions are both lawful and ethical.

·       The Prime Trustee will be the Global Freedom Fest Founder, until he either steps down, becomes physically incapacitated, or becomes deceased.

·       Unless he is physically unable, the Trustee will, upon stepping down, provide suitable candidates for replacing him, which the Board will elect.

Who are the “Beneficiaries” of the public Global Freedom Trust?


·       Ultimately, the people of the world indirectly become the beneficiaries.

·       Fifty percent (50) of the Trust funds/assets go to fund grants for people, organizations, coalitions and other non-corporate projects that are working to improve the lives of the people of the Earth, and those working to improve the Earth and our environment, also those that are working to bring together people from the four corners of the Earth to help the global populace to live in harmony and cooperation. Forty percent (40%) will be used for festival creation and operations, while the remaining ten percent (10%) will be dedicated to ongoing preparation for future events. Look for prophesies among the global indigenous peoples for the stories of the “Rainbow Warriors.”


Who is ultimately responsible?


·        When the people put their faith and money into the Global Freedom Fest/Global Freedom trust, and since the beneficiaries benefit from these, ultimately, responsibility for performance falls on the Trustees and Executors of these organizations.

When is the Global Freedom Fest planned to happen?


·       Our intention is to hold the event in the third week of September of 2018. This time is chosen because both hemispheres are in seasonal transition, and tend to be the most compatible, especially since the events are meant to be held outdoors.


Where will these events occur?


·       The original intention was to have two large events on each continent, but many people in many areas are interested in hosting an event, and their properties range from small venues to those large enough and with sufficient crowd sourcing to hold thousands of people.

·       Once the Trust is in place, we can begin the crowd sourcing campaigns and lock in venue locations.


How can this event be accomplished?


·       Intent, determination, persistence, reliable networking, effective and consistent communications, and by becoming involved with changing the world while having fun creating and participating in an historical event.


How do I get involved in some way?


·       Start at our website, Global Freedom Fest for information about who’s involved, our intentions, and the “Festival Opportunities” page.

·       If you find that our goals and intentions resonate with you and your purpose/passion, feel free to contact us by filling out the Opportunities Interest form on our “Festival Opportunities” page.

How is a location selected?


·       Locations are selected by the following criteria:

1.     Availability

2.     Accessibility

3.     Sufficient water access and availability

4.     Open space

5.     Owner negotiations

How are funds raised?


·       Initial organization and operations are funded through crowd-sourcing.

1.     There will be rewards for all levels of contributions from $20 and up. For instance, a $20 donation will be rewarded a Global Freedom Fest T-shirt and a 10% discount on ticket purchase.

2.     Continuing funding will be handled by advance ticket sales, festival concessions sales, and donation/funding provided by Fest allies.


How are funds distributed?


·       All funds go into the Global Freedom Trust, and are distributed as follows:

1.     First, funds will be used to actually create and implement the events, 40% of funds received

2.     Post event, the funds in the Trust (the remaining 50%) will be distributed to people, organizations, coalitions, etc. that are working to improve the lives of people and/or to improve the environment and our relationship to it.

3.     A small part (10%) will be held to begin preparations for future events.

How are funds used if a scheduled, prepaid event is canceled?


·       The Global Freedom Fest will make every effort to prevent cancellations of any event.

·       The funds raised through crowd-sourcing will be dedicated to the creation of the events and venues, and since rewards will be given for those donations, so those funds are spent in advance and there will be no refunds.

·       The funds raised from ticket sales only, will be refunded as much as possible.

·       The Fest Board will attempt to postpone, rather than cancel any event where sufficient fund raising and ticket sales show sufficient interest to warrant extra effort to continue.

·       Our major reasons for cancellation would be one of three:

1.     An “Act of God” natural disaster.

2.     Lack of funding for an event to get out of the starting gate.

3.     Government intervention.


How does this event help people involved in some way?


·       It is our intention to pay just compensation o those who actually work to create and implement the show.

·       For those with relevant projects, it will be an opportunity to present your project in public, and through their feedback, their participation can lead to grant funding after the event. At the minimum, your project will be presented world-wide through our video/audio documentation and dissemination via the internet.

How does this event help people not involved in any way?


·       Ultimately, the projects we support after the event will be those working to make everyone’s life better.

·       You can still enjoy the Festival on the internet, and purchase copies of events around the world after post production and duplication.

·       This has the added bonus of providing more funds to the Trust, to be used for more projects.


How can such an event be “the event of a lifetime?”


·       Can you think of a better, or grander way to promote world peace, share creativity and artistry, share cultures, and more, than by bringing the whole planet together for a one-week party, and televising it?


How is a violation of the “public Global Freedom Trust” handled?


·       It is the job of the Trustee and Executors to maintain the highest levels of ethics to see to the proper and honorable use of the Trust to benefit the beneficiaries (We the People of Earth).

·       Should someone violate the terms of the Trust, nor the Law.

·       The Trustee and Executors will be responsible for eliminating anyone trying to take advantage or the Trust, or use funds for dis-allowed or unlawful/unethical actions, and to prosecute them through lawful courts to provide remedy.