Global Freedom Fest



"It really is up to all of us."

Our current proposed date for this event is September 15-21, 2018.



  All over the Earth,  people are realizing that cooperation and peace are foundational elements for us all to explore in creating a new world, right here, and right now.  A major “Revolution of Consciousness” has been going on ever since the internet was released to the world. People are starting to realize that they have the right given by their Creator to live happy, fruitful and independent lives, as long as they do no harm to others. Mankind is waking up.


  The underlying principle of the Global Freedom Fest is to bring the world together for a week of celebration;  a week of sharing between all the people of Earth, getting together with each other in peace and harmony. It WILL be a peaceful and positive one week experience, involving both large and small events all over the world but the common thread will be Freedom. We also intend to have regular events around the world following the Global Freedom Fest as well as annual revivals of the Fest following this first 2018 event.


 "Let's Dive in"

 Please check out our latest interview on Galactic Connection's Youtube page or on our blog page for more information on what we are trying to create.



  Performers of all sorts will be invited, and artists, inventors, and experts in many fields from every nation can share their Art, Passions, inventions, technologies, and Crafts with the world. Each event will be fully documented through trans-media sources, which include video/audio recordings, books, social media, new technologies, etc. The initial goal is to have at least two major events on each continent. This will involve thousands of people in coordination and harmony for a co-created event that will reach the entire population of Earth.


 Our first step will be to find specialists across the spectrum of skills, experience, wisdom and passions for large scale event production. This includes business development, marketing, social media, festival production, security, water & sewage services, etc. These specialists will be our core Event Coordination Team, and will have specific oversight of their area of expertise for all events. Each will be responsible for acquiring the necessary personnel  in their fields for the events. Each will be supported through funding we ALL work to receive together.


  As much as possible, event personnel will be hired locally, and if the help of more qualified people are needed, and not available locally, the event will assist in acquiring and providing those people that have the necessary skills and talents, from a vast global network of qualified people.


  We will create a festival currency (tokens and/or card) that people purchase as their ticket and any money they want to spend at the Global Freedom Fest will be added to the value of their card. All currencies will be converted into tangible assets and placed in the Global Freedom Trust we are creating. This will be the only currency used at the Fest. No one person will reap large rewards or returns on their gifts (donations) and Festival coin will not be converted into the original currencies after the event. We will encourage people to use their festival coins/cards in a manner such as bitcoin or Karatbars, but will be backed by the tangible assets of the Trust. There will be no personal millionaires or billionaires created by the event, and, each person working the event will receive fair compensation for their services as Trust funds become available.


All monies taken in will be placed into the Global Freedom Trust with full and open transparency on the accounting. A board of Executors will be appointed to inspire the distribution of funds from the Trust, to ensure that all funds go to unincorporated organizations and groups that are actually helping people, or making the world a better place to live. The Executors will be supporting a process of collective wisdom so the people of the planet are able to co-steward the flow of funds by providing leads and suggestions of qualified and deserving people and organizations. The Executors will control the funds only to the limits of their lawful fiduciary responsibilities, and will be guiding the process of transparency, co-creation, and fair distribution on a collective scale. 


  Provisions will be made for those that have no money yet want to participate. A volunteer card can be issued that will get them into the event, and each day they will be expected to do volunteer services for two hours each day, which will get their card credited for three meals a day This can be fulfilled by doing litter patrols, or working in the volunteer kitchens serving food to other volunteers, and many other ways they can be of help.


 A way will be found to involve all who choose to do so.

A chance to meet and hear some of the major contributors to the project.


 "Round and around we go; get the picture?"


 There are many opportunities to get involved in the festival, and many are listed on our Festival Opportunities page. If you find something there that fits with your skills, desires and passions, please contact us through the email links provided at the bottom of the page.


Also, we are seeking help in finding venue locations around the world, and people who are familiar with these areas. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 For other information regarding the events or to become involved, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





     Peace Be With you, Always and in All Ways